HP Laserjet M377 59.F0 Error  ||  HP Laserjet M477 59.F0 Error The 59.F0error on HP Laserjet M477 and M377 printers is a common issue that users face.   This error often indicates a glitch in the Direct Current Controller (DCC) firmware of these devices. However, there is no need to worry as this problem can be easily resolved by updating your DCC firmware.   If you own models with Walk-up USB Port like M452dw/M377dw/M477fnw/ M477fdn/ M477fdw, you can perform an update using the front USB port. All it requires is formatting your drive to FAT32, copying files onto it and following some simple steps which include inserting your USB into the printer's front port and selecting 'Print Documents' from the menu options.   For those who have models without walk-up USB ports such as the HP LaserJet Pro series -M452dn or M452nw- do not fret! You still have two more methods at hand: Network FTP Command or Local Driver Over USB Connection method.   Both require a few preparato